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  • You see I uploaded some files to my webhost server through FileZilla. I uploaded the files I wanted to share online to a folder called, “public_html” and that’s where I uploaded my filesharing script as well. I got my filesharing scripte directly from this website. sibsoft(dot)net/xfilesharing_free(dot)html

    So I have all the files I want in the public_html folder the thing is I don’t know how to make the files available on my webstite? How do I reference the files on my website so that other people can download them? How do I provide download links on my website so that people can download the files I want to share with them?

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  • You can simply provide an HTML link to the files. Here’s an example:

    <a href="">Download FILE_NAME</a>

    There are also some plugins that manage downloads for you, but I have not used them personally.

    This question is not really relevant to WP — it should be covered in the documentation and support on the file sharing site. That said, I was interested enough in it that I tried out the site and found that it works quite well (and did not require me to sign up or give them any identifying information — or I would not have done it). You simply use the URL’s that the site gives you for each document — and put those in like regular links:

    <a href="PUT THE URL HERE">LINK TEXT</a>

    When someone clicks on that link, it takes them to the filesharing site where they can enter a CAPTCHA code and then download the file. They cannot download it directly from your site – -because it is not located on your site — that’s the purpose and function of the file sharing site.

    If you want the files to be located and directly downloadable on your site/server — you need to set up your site accordingly. How you do that depends on your hosting provider…

    Yeah you see thats what I’m trying to do haha I want the files to be located and be directly downloadable from my site/server. I have unilimited bandwidth so rather than pay for a file sharing site like media fire or deal with limitations I figured that I would just upload the files to my server and just make the files available through my website.

    So, like I said, you have to find out from your host how and where to upload those. The third party site will not work to do what you want. If it’s like most hosting sites, you simply use FTP (or a control panel depending on your host) to upload the files to a folder (directory) named something appropriate like “downloads” — and then once they are in that location, you can create links to them as Jeff described above. It’s basically identical with how images work — but for organization, you should use a different folder/directory for the downloads.

    Where are you having problems with doing that?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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