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  • Can someone please explain to me what the WordPress protocol is for posts that are considered UNRESOLVED?

    When I sesarch the files for answers to my problems I see posts that are still unresolved floating way, way back in the archives, and I’d image almost impossible to find and respond to given the depth of some pages.

    Some posts have only the original poster question and NO REPLY. So, what happens then?

    Does the poster change the original post to “resolved” and then re-submit again (as a new post) so that his/her question shows up on the front page for greater possiblity of reply?

    I’m just curious because there isn’t a category for UNRESOLVED ISSUES. And, what time frame is considered appropriate in which to do the above or “bump” the post back into general viewing sight? 1 hr? 5 hours? One day? Two? A week?

    Perhaps we need to look into this further?

    Perhaps if a post hasn’t been answered after three (3) days then it can be automatically promoted to the category (UNRESOLVED)to make life easier for those with some knowledge to check and respond appropriately. If after 7days and still no response, surely we can establish a CRITICAL category where the gurus can at least post a reply to say that this issue is (very obviously) problematic and requires more analysis… Although by then I’d be truely pissed off, voluntary help or not – so I don’t know how anyone else would feel.

    At present it seems that if you post a difficult question and it doesn’t get a response within (sometimes an hour before it’s bumped by the poster) 1-2 days it just disappears into the archives never to be seen again, unless the poster gets frustrated or pissed off enough to “bump” it, which then in turns drawns some flak.

    How does everyone feel about the current situation regarding posts that are lost into the archives because the question is a little hard to answer immediately or the solution is difficult to find?

    Just curious…

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  • Posts move off the front page based solely on new posts. Resolved/unresolved have no bearing on the order, to my knowledge. Truth of the matter is, the issue has been under debate. Many threads seem resolved, however they are not marked so by the original poster. As I said, it’s something that’s being looked into, and everyone is open to suggestions. Might I add if you’re so inclined, you can see the page in the codex regarding the volunteering in the forums, Support_Forum_Volunteers, and join the mailing list listed on that page.
    Any further discussion of this can best be directed at the mailing list as well, as the forum is best served for dealing with individual site concerns.

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