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  • Hi,

    i’m about to release my premium plugin.. people have to pay for it..

    But as i have to hand them the files.. is there any sort of security i can do so people won’t be able to edit or give it away?

    Like obfuscating.. anyone know a good program for it?


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  • anyone know anything i can do?
    and what license do i have to give it??? remember that it is paid!


    The important one is the license!!!

    What license do i have to put??? It’s a paid plugin! Please help!

    Jonas – keep your cool.

    Better lose a few days, or even weeks, rather than screw up with your first release. Becoming hated by the customers, or releasing something going to be pirated all at once, both options would be bad. The most “affordable” thing to lose is time 😉

    I think I once saw a WP plugin not working by default, requiring a login-password provided by a third-party website. You could install and even activate it, but it wouldn’t do anything unless a login and password were provided in that plugin’s settings page.

    I don’t know how this was coded, I don’t know if the plugin code was protected, sorry but that I cannot say. I can only imagine a part of the plugin’s code was a huge ASCII soup of base64 characters, and the key was obtained from a remote server when correct credentials were given.

    As for the licence, GPL seems out of order. I’d recommend you find other commercial plugins and look at their own distribution licence.

    Yeah i know 🙂

    but i’m excited as this to release it as it has been a whole learning experience.. and not alone of wordpress itself, also php, html, css!

    I decided to delay it till next friday instead of this friday.. so i’ve enough time and i’ll probally add some extra features in the week. 🙂

    I made myself a nice login system, so it only works when they fill in corerct login details 🙂 But still i’ve to give the plugin code.. so people with some experience can easily bypass.. so obfuscation will make it hard i guess.. but i’ve no idea of php obfuscators or w/e

    Now you say i can’t use GPL, but is the license of wordpress so don’t i have to use the same? and add my own license? Still need some help about it!

    Thanks for your reply though!

    Just thinking of something, most web hosts support by default the ioncube loader, that might be something to use ? Though I don’t know if it can just cover a plugin, or a whole website.

    As for protecting your code, base64 is already a pain and not all base64 protected codes will be broken…

    Ok thanks, i’ll look into base64!

    Anyone has other ideas?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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