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protecting the whole blog by login

  • Can I create a protected blog, only accessible and readable for a certain group of users? Registered members should enter username and password and – if inputs are correct – can then reach my blog. My blog is already located in a subdirectory, but I need some more security (not for illegal purposes, of course!). Can anyone help??? Thanks.

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  • Moderator James Huff


    Try using .htaccess password protection.


    Thanks for your help – i did it, it worked once, but now it doesn’t anymore. What did I do wrong???

    You can always use the post password field when writing a post. You may need to have the advanced options open for writing a post.

    Sorry, I didn’t express myself clearly: The blog works fine, but the access via login does not work. I wrote and uploaded .htaccess and .htpasswd (with username and passwords in it) – but the blog can be reached without being protected. As I sad earlier, it only worked the first time I tried…

    Moderator James Huff


    Most browsers have a setting which automatically saves the username and password, like a cookie file, for .htaccess-based logins. Try accessing your blog from a different browser. Does the protection still work?

    Yes, the protection worked in Firefox, but only the first time I loaded the site. I cleared the cookies in safari – no result. Is there any solution?

    You could post the link to your blog. If any of us can access it, then you know it’s the .htaccess. If we can’t, then it’s a cache/cookie thing on your end. 😉

    Moderator James Huff


    It doesn’t save it in the cookies because it’s not a cookie-controlled function. It may be saving the login info in a preference file, a feature of the browser like a “password manager”, or MacOS X’s Keychain. Either way, if the .htaccess password protection worked the first time that you tried to access the blog with two separate browsers, then it should be working properly. As Nitallica has said, we could also confirm it for you if you gave us a URL.

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions. It’s all different in the meantime – I don’t know what started it, but all of a sudden, while working in the admin panel, the password protection started to work – which means, I couldn’t access any of the admin’s functions (not even viewing the site or logout) without being asked to enter my password. But: my password was not accepted (nor one of the others I stored in .htaccess. Some minutes before, all my permalinks broke down… so that’s a bit of a mess! I will have to check this out again by uploading a new .htaccess, I suppose. I am busy at the moment but will be back later – in the meantime many thanks again for your taking care!
    PS. macmanx, I didn’t save the password in my keychain.

    Moderator James Huff


    Hm, let’s try something different then.

    Use this to generate the .htpasswd file:


    And, use this to generate the .htaccess file:


    oh macmanx, I’m useless! Thanx again – same problem as before: protection works, but password is not accepted. I don’t understand it… ???
    If it was the wrong path in .htaccess, password-function would not work at all – right?

    Moderator James Huff


    Yes, the .htaccess file needs to have the right path to the .htpasswd file.

    What control panel does you hosting provider give you? Is it cPanel? Try looking around, they may offer an easy-to-use password protection feature.

    I don’t really know what kind of control panel I use. But I will try to find a solution with my provider – thanx a lot for your support!

    anyone know if this works for casual security?

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