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  • Two questions (Smiles)

    1.) I’m using bullet proof security and I have noticed it doesn’t take much to break the admin panel adding code to my htaccess files. With that said, I created an “Anti hotlink” .htaccess for my uploads directory (/uploads/.htaccess) and it seems to have worked out great. My question is do think the site will remain alright or should I have the “anti hotlink” .htaccess in some other directory. I tried adding the code to the root .htacess and it didn’t take. In the past with other non wordpress sites I played with the root directory was where you would put the code into to stop hotlinking but that doesn’t seem to be the case with wordpress and bullet proof security…

    2.) I have tried for hours researching on how to put a transparent overlay over my images to deter downloading. Meaning, when someone attempts to right click and save image they got a transparent fake image rather than the original. I have successfully almost got it working. The problem is when I do it I get that broken image thing in the center of the existing image. You can see the existing image and the transparent layer is their, but the browser seems to think their is no transparent images and puts that missing image emblem there as well.

    I understand people can really get the images if they want, but I use paid photos that are copyrighted and I’m obligated to atleast put up some deterents. So how do you use the transparent overlay on images in wordpress?


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  • I almost forgot, I do not like using plugins. I only use basic essential plugins. With that said I don’t mind tearing into the data base or placing some code into the files. I prefer it that way so I don’t have to worry about plugins that get abandoned, which there seems to be a lot of around here.


    I can see this is a waste of time based on my own thread and the many that I’ve seen here get their topics closed unresolved.

    One last thing people.

    Support your developers of the plugins and quit being so cheap.

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