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  • So here’s the deal, I need a plugin that will do exactly this: protect a category from being read based on user level/role.

    I have seen a billion other plugins that do similar things, but I need one that does exactly that^^^.

    It would be like the Limit Categories plugin but that’s for posting not reading.

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  • There used to be one… but the initial release is not available at this moment, and the author is still working on the next release.
    (see all the comments!)

    That paypal addition would be absolutly perfect, that’s what I’m trying to do now using the Role Manager plugin and any other plugin that would work with it.

    Any other plugins or ideas?

    It doesn’t use roles, but Category Access can be used. You directly edit which categories they can read in each user’s settings. It really has 3 levels. What un registered guests can see, what new users can see, and then you customize each user.

    I currently have Category Access running. Problem is that if my client ends up have 200 or so users and often has to monitor each users paypal subscription consistency it would take him a long time to click all those boxes every time he has to make a change.

    That paypal plugin would be AWSOME once it’s ready (if it’s ever ready). I’d like to do one once I gain some more strength in php and wordpress but in the mean time I do ask if someone would maybe want to write a plugin for “Category Roles”. Moshu or any other moderators, would it be okay if I started a new thread asking for a plugin writer?

    Not excatly what I am looking for. Would it still be okay if I start a new thread?

    Sure. You don’t need any permission for starting a thread 🙂

    Right, but it could be considered double posting, I just want to follow the rules.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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