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  • Greets everyone!
    I’m an avid b2 user that can’t wait to upgrade to something else as soon as I confirm that a few required features are running.
    (1) Has anyone mentioned custom field support? There was a great hack floating around that enabled custom fields to be added, which was quite nice. I added mood and music fields.
    (2) A follow-up on this thread:
    What’s the status on protecting entires? I realise there is a “private” status on each entry, but from what I’ve read, this only means it’s only viewable by the author. What I’d like to see (and what I ultimately had to write for myself in b2) was a way to flag an entry as private (or protected — whatever language you want to use for it) so that only people logged into b2 could read it. I think it was outlined quite clearly in the above mentioned thread: I was just wondering if there’s been any progress on this.
    Thank you! And great work to the WordPress folks …

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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