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    I enabled password access to a new page but it doesn’t seem to work. All you have to do is click on the menu item on the top bar and it takes you directly to that page. Anyone know how to restrict access?

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  • Try logging out of admin and browse it as a guest?

    Thank you, WP Bum, but that’s the first thing I tried. Logged out completely, closed the browser, reopened the page…no luck. Any more ideas?

    Under visibility you have Password protected checked and a password entered correct?

    If so dont click on it from the menu but click view from the edit page to take you to that page. Basically just testing that it is for sure the page you are getting to in the menu. You could be clicking on a menu item that is not that page.

    Here is what I have set:

    Visibility: Password protected
    Password prtoected
    Password: Jillphotos

    Again, I have tried several times to navigate to the site and click on the menu item, only to have it open the page without requiring a password. Could this be a problem with the template? Originally I used Elegant Grunge, but now I can’t find that template so I switched to Digital Raindrops (which I like better anyway).

    I wasnt asking to navigate to the page through the menu. Click view page while you are in edit mode. Is that the same page that you have been clicking on the menu?

    Yes…the very same.

    Next thing I would try is to deactivate all your plugins. Try again

    Then change to theme twenty ten. Try again

    This will make sure no plugins or custom themes are messing it up.

    If I change the theme will I loose all the custom work I have done on the site when I return to digital raindrops?

    I just checked, there are no plug-ins installed. I will delete the other themes that are in the pending folder.

    You dont need to delete them and you wont lose anything.

    You are just activating the default theme and testing. Once you activate the theme you are using back you will see you didnt lose anything.

    I’ll give it a try right now, thanks.

    Twenty-Eleven appears to be the default theme. I activated it then logged out of the site and navigated there without logging in. Clicking on the menu page takes me right to it without the password. I logged back into the site and checked the page…it is still password protected.

    BTW, Protected: appears at the top of the page with both themes.

    I’m out of ideas without actually logging in and looking at it, sorry.

    Maybe someone else has seen this before.

    Thank you. If you would like to log in I will send you the info, but be advised this is an adult content site – which is why I want the photo gallery restricted. It is to promote my book which is selling on smashwords.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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