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  • Everything’s working with this plugin for me except that MP3 files are not playing correctly in Chrome. They work OK in Firefox and IE. The exact issue is that the file loads and plays, but only loads the first 5 minutes or so if the MP3 is longer than that. You’re also not able to seek within the MP3 at all — can’t jump ahead to a later point or back to an earlier point.

    I initially thought this was player-related, but after a lot of investigation I found that it happens regardless of whether I play the MP3 in an in-page player using the default WordPress media player, an alternate plugin-based mediaplayer, or whether I view the file directly in a browser window using the browser’s native player.

    If I unprotect the same file, it works using any of the above methods.

    This happens with any MP3 I try, from various sources and of various lengths. For mp3s longer than ~5 minutes, when playback reaches the end of the loaded portion, it sometimes loads another chunk, but usually just stops playing.

    I assume the problem is in mv-file-handler.php but no matter what changes I make to the MIME type or other headers, I get the same results.

    The only difference I can see in the network traffic is that the content range is different for the protected and unprotected versions. The “Range” field in the request header says “bytes=0-” for the protected file and “bytes=0-1048575” for the unprotected one.

    It also looks like mv-file-handler.php doesn’t have anything in it to take partial content requests into account.

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  • Mark L


    Hi Thomas,
    I am wondering if you ever resolved this issue? I am experiencing a similar problem with protected .mp4 files and mobile browsers.

    Yes I did, but I honestly don’t remember what the issue was or how we resolved it. I just took a look at the site I was working on at the time and can see no differences in the way I placed the MP3 in the page, or in the way it’s protected using Media Vault. I’m pretty sure it ended up being a server-side fix, but this particular site runs on nginx, not the Windows or Linux I usually work with and the server guy I was working with on it is no longer around so I can’t ask what he did.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

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