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  1. EchoZulu
    Posted 8 years ago #

    My apologies if this is an inappropriate topic for this forum but I am by no means an advanced user and I'm not sure where else to look for answers.

    I have a wordpress blog that is hosted on private servers. When I first started the blog, I gave it a TERRIBLE name. It's long and not memorable at all. So, I want to change it.

    I will only be changing the "Weblog title" and the title of the blog in Technorati (I think that's all I need to do!). The main URL of the blog and all posts will remain unchanged.

    So my question (however stupid it is) is what is the technical negative impact - if any? Will this affect my SEO at all? All links to my blog will remain intact even if they retain the old name text so I don't think I'm worried about that but what SHOULD I worry about?

    Thanks so much for reading this long post and for your feedback.

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