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    How to Internationalize Your Plugin


    What I’ve found is that load_plugin_textdomain() is kind of non-intuitive and the documentation doesn’t explain it’s actual operation very well.

    Here’s what I’ve discovered:

    The locale name is ALWAYS added to the $domain. For example $domain.’-‘.$locale.’.mo’ you’re trying to load. If it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t fall back $domain.’.mo’.

    The solution to the problem is to add an action for plugin_locale. The action now looks to see if there’s a locale specific file, and if so it returns it. If it doesn’t exist, it looks for some close matches. E.G. fr_CA is the locale, then I return fr_FR. Similarly de_AT will return de_DE.

    Finally, if there aren’t any matches, then I return en_US because I know I always have $domain.’’.

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  • @gsexton

    Hi! Thanks for writing.

    As for the latter page (the “……” page), you should be able to edit yourself, and make the changes you desire. To log in and edit, click the Log In link at the top of the codex page. then there will be an edit option available.

    Moderator bcworkz


    Effecting changes in the sub-domain would be slow in coming. The best way for other users to quickly see your clarification is to add it as a comment (aka user note) to the page in question. Your contribution is subject to moderation, but I can’t imagine anyone objecting to your note.

    Follow the “Have a note to contribute?” link at the very bottom of the page.

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