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    I submitted this request via the official site’s contact us form, but I’ve also posted this here for better visibility (could help others in the meantime).

    I have the paid version of the plugin, but this may also apply to the free version as they share the same code for this (though the free version doesn’t increment its scans so it might be unnecessary for that version).

    Within res/reports.php, updated it so that:

    $current_cron_count = get_option('wp_ada_compliance_cron_count','0');
    if($current_cron_count != 0 and isset($_GET['startscan'])) {	

    is instead:

    $current_cron_count = get_option('wp_ada_compliance_cron_count','0');
    $scan_increment = get_option('wp_ada_compliance_scan_increment','0');
    if( ($current_cron_count != 0 and isset($_GET['startscan'])) || (isset($scan_increment) and $scan_increment > 0) ) {

    Note: Replace wp_ada_compliance_cron_count for wp_ada_compliance_basic_cron_count with the basic version of the plugin.

    You can see how I made it check for the scan_increment status and not just the current_cron_count.

    This way, leaving the report page and then coming back do it doesn’t have “Start Scan” shown which starts the scanning process over entirely. Instead, one can perform manual scans, leave the page, and then return to continue their scanning progress. The scan then restarts once the scan_increment has exceeded the total items as it would normally with performing a scan all at one time (no edit needed there).

    I bring this up since I have a site with tens of thousands of items being checked and having that restart the scan unless it’s all done in one session is just not an efficient & friendly experience.

    Maybe there’s additional items to be accounted for (maybe having a “Reset Scan” button added to the report toolbar could be helpful), but I think this is a quick & easy adjustment which would make life easier for myself, my coworkers, and my clients.

    Thanks for the great plugin,

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  • Plugin Author seshelby


    It’s much easier in this case to enable the cron option and come back later. I would have to review the code more closely but I believe you modified the cron settings not the manual scan. I don’t recommend this practice. Please use the recommended feature option on our website to suggest improvements.

    Plugin Author seshelby



    It’s not modifying the cron behavior in any way. It’s just making it so the scan_increment is honored by the “Start Scan” vs. “Scan More” conditional code.

    Also, I do know cron makes it so the manual scan isn’t necessary (I have it enabled & running every hour), but I want to go through and manually populate the report data in a way that would be faster than leaving it to cron to do so (while still not being able to do it all in one sitting due to the amount of content to be scanned & wanting to resume the manual scan at some point).

    I did submit using the Feature Request (Contact Us) form on the official site. I’ll await further correspondence via that (which I did have a typo for the basic vs. non-basic wp_ada_compliance_cron_count option in that [which has been corrected here]) with this topic having been marked as resolved.

    Plugin Author seshelby


    Thank you for the suggestion. I will add an option to retain the scan count between visits. This will allow the current functionality to be retained.

    That would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, @seshelby!

    Plugin Author seshelby


    In the new version there will be two buttons. One to start a new scan and another to scan more. This will make it easy to do both. Thanks again for the suggestion.

    Great! Thank you so much for the speedy update!

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