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  • Hi,

    I’ve implemented your file and I see the options in admin, however no visual changes on frontend. Do you have some css that need to be put in zebra_tooltips.css?


    The changes are visible just if I’m not logged in!

    There is nothing needed beyond what I provided, and no CSS needs to be changed (Zebra Tooltips [the tooltip script being used] supports different vertical alignments as standard… it’s the fact that this plugin doesn’t surface that existing functionality fully yet that’s being updated here). This simply adds a setting to the site admin, and then alters the JavaScript that’s output for initializing Zebra Tooltips includes the vertical_alignment setting alongside the horizontal alignment & other aspects set in the plugin’s settings (Zebra Tooltips then handles the rest as it’s already fully capable of.)

    @webg I’m thinking this is a matter of caching since there should be no reason that the site would be serving this up differently based on whether you’re logged in or not considering the simplicity of this (server-side and/or browser-side caching, potentially.)

    Yes, that was caching issue.

    Thanks for confirming. Okay, as this stands… this should be ready for inclusion in the next version of this plugin without issue.

    I wish this plugin was on GitHub or had another way to reach out regarding proposed updates to the plugin to help speed up the request/patch/update process. I may reach out to the developer here to check in on this being officially adopted in an upcoming version update.

    Is it possible to add css margin value to vertical alignment? As I want to add just more space between the html element and tooltip.

    @webg I suppose that isn’t really related to what this support topic’s about (which is making it so you’re able to tell the plugin to show the tooltip above or below the element.)

    That said, I’ll help & go off-topic just for the rest of this post.

    You can do what you’re talking about by just adding the following to your site’s CSS:

    .Zebra_Tooltip { margin:0.8em 0; }

    That will add a gap between the element and the tooltip (regardless of it being shown on above or below.) The exact CSS selector & margin value would vary depending on your needs. Keep in mind that adding space between the element and tooltip might become problematic if you expect visitors to interact with the tooltip since there’s then a gap between the element & tooltip which may trigger it to go away if not navigated to quickly enough. An alternative would be to add padding to the element itself to add that spacing (while still having the tooltip “touching” the element for interaction purposes.)

    There may be other ways to go about it, but that seems like the most simple & flexible option. I’d recommend opening up a separate support forum topic if you have follow-up since the spacing between the element & tooltip is going off-topic.

    As an aside, your question & my CSS solution in this post is more specific to the Zebra Tooltip script being used by the plugin rather than having to do with this plugin in particular. That said, you could ask that the plugin make it so the Zebra Tooltip vertical_offset option is customizable via the plugin’s settings (which would make it specific to this plugin & not resolved by a simple CSS customization as needed), but that would definitely be going back to warranting its own support forum topic as it’s then adding a whole new setting for a whole different effect (you can see that one can actually accommodate this by adapting what I have here in a few minor ways [different setting in the plugin & different option in the resulting JS code] & possibly having be used as the default of no vertical_offset is provided [if this wasn’t fixed in the 2+ years since I posted that workaround; either by Simple Tooltips or an updated Zebra Tooltips script version.])

    I need that gap as I’ve modified the script to work for dynamic tiles down in comments you can see the hint by Justin Waggle.

    In my case I use it for woocommerce product swatches that are on more than one row and going to selection that is on the second row tooltip is showing on the swatches from the first row and if I decide to go back on the first row I can’t reach the selection below the tooltip.

    Thank you very much for your help!

    @webg Again, this is going off-topic. That said, you’re looking to do something that this plugin simply does not support (and it’s not related changing the tooltip setting for whether it’s shown above or below the element [which is what this topic is supposed to be about] nor a matter of adding spacing between the tooltip & element overall like your follow-up question made it seem like [having me spend time to answer something that isn’t even what you need.])

    I’m thinking you’re more likely to find success with a different plugin where the tooltips natively support dynamic content existence, position, etc. or by using Zebra Tooltips (or similar; possibly one which has a method for triggering the tooltip configuration to refresh itself that you can trigger when the swatches switch out/change position/etc.) directly which then something like the Justin Waggle code snippet would work with and get the tooltips to work for your specific needs that way. You’re looking to do more advanced functionality (I’d consider supporting dynamic content somewhat advanced) when the plugin’s name is Simple Tooltips.

    Although, you may see some luck in creating a new support forum topic for this request now that you’ve come up with more specifics on what you need from the plugin. I’m thinking just using a different plugin or using a tooltip script directly would get things resolved for you sooner.

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