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  • I, like many others, have been upgrading frequently and, as long as upgrades are available, will continue to do so in the future. Others have mentioned the pain one has to go through to do upgrades. I propose that, when a new, non-nightly version is released (i.e. beta or otherwise), that an upgrade version is released. The benefits of creating an upgrade version are:
    1. One person making an upgrade version will save thousands of people time.
    2. This will also promote upgrading with people who otherwise would not due to the difficulty and slightly time-consuming task.
    Even with experienced people it is often hard to go through and find the files I have modified, set them aside, then copy those files to the new installation.
    An upgrade version can be accomplished in two ways:
    1. Strip down the full version. Remove the wp-contents folder, delete index.php and wp-layout.css. Remove all other relevant files that commonly stay the same with an upgrade.The easiest way but not necessarily the best.
    2. A true upgrade script. This script will replace new, original files but leave other files intact. The first step (pre-wizard) would be to upload the new installation to a seperate folder, then run the upgrade “wizard” and input the WP directory location. New files are copied to the current installation while keeping any modified or unoriginal files intact. One could also input or select file names to include or exempt in the upgrade.
    What say you?

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  • Come on Mark, for the average user, like me, it only required to back up index.php and the css file. Overwite all others and I was done in seconds. How much faster ?

    I would like to see a changed only files package at the minimium…
    That way, those that have hacked those files, can apply the hacks back to those files and just upload the changed files…
    If there is a need to run an upgrade.php or something like that, provide instructions to do that as well.
    As for preserving hacks, that’s why there is the plugins function now… Move all the hacks to plugins, and upgrades will go much smoother…
    The upgrade / changed files package should not include the index.php or at least change the name to default_index.php or something like that so it wouldn’t overwrite your index.php that may or may not be customized and then give us the ability to view any radical code / template changes, if any…
    Just my two cents.
    Also, I’d suggest some sort of export option for posts and comments so one can do a clean install of WP and then reimport entries… I had to do this the hard way already due to some db changes (before I realized upgrade.php took care of it) and think an export entries and import entries back in including comments would come in handy for upgrades as well as backups and site moves…

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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