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  • thedailyblah


    I don’t really understand what happened but I’ve been using this plugin for i think a month already (since my blog is quite new) and it has been nothing to me but great but it recently stopped working!

    This bug occurs on (my) pages that have only one embedded video and I noticed that when I try to embed several of them in a single page the first video doesn’t seem to load right but sometimes it’s works fine, SOMETIMES.

    So here’s what I did to make it work – I embedded the same video twice (at least for the first video instance only) and simply hid the first (since it only shows a player that is bugged or whatever you call it) with a little css:

    div.bug {width:0; height:0; visibility: hidden;}

    so your page will contain this:

    <div class="bug">[pro-player]YOUR VIDEO HERE[/pro-player]</div>
    [pro-player]THAT SAME VIDEO HERE[/pro-player]

    I love this plugin a lot since it’s a great way to embed videos with more style (youtube is not as sexy as vimeo but i usually share videos from youtube) so I hope this gets to sir Isa.

    I hope this helps out other people that are having the same problems too.

    Hoping to have a decent fix.

    The Daily Blah

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  • Plugin Author isa.goksu



    I’ll try to look at that. The new version is currently in progress, but it’s going slow since I’ve so much in my hands right now. I’m aware of lots of little problems.. Most problems occur because of some other plugins or some custom WP template/tag usages.

    It’s going slow, but try to understand there are so many requests. And I’m also trying to give HTML5 support. So at this point, I’m not sure if I should be continuing with JW Player or find another base. Since it’s the only peace that I cannot fully open source it. And this decision will effect my release date.

    Hope u understand,


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