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  1. bi11i
    Posted 10 years ago #

    Since moving my WordPress to bluehost, all my weblog mails are sent from "user@boxnum.bluehost.com" rather than the addressed specified in my wp-admin. I've tried tweaking my php.ini and a few other settings to no avail and finally mailed Bluehost concerning this. The reply I received in return can be found below - does this sound correct? If so, what can I do to fix this? (If not, same question...?)

    Thanks in advance....

    This is because our servers require you (or your script) to use a properly formatted, valid From: header in your email. If the From: header is not formatted correctly, empty or invalid our system will change the from address to be <username>@<box>.bluehost.com. To stop this, you must change the script you are using to correctly use a valid From header.

    Examples of headers that should work would be:
    From: user@domain.com
    From: <user@domain.com>
    From: "name" <user@domain.com>

    Examples of headers that will NOT work:
    From: "user@domain.com"
    From: user @ domain.com

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