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  • Hi. There is a plugin which the original developer has not updated or responded to comments in over a year. I have rewritten parts of the plugin to address some problems and to make some improvements. Now what? Do I “release” this a a new plugin with a different name? Do I update the readme to reflect me as the current developer and release an updated version number of the original plugin? What’s the etiqutite and procedure here?

    Thanks for your guidance.

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  • esmi


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    First, I’d suggest that you try to get in contact with the original plugin dev to let him/her know that you intend to branch their plugin.

    Secondly, I’d suggest releasing this as a new plugin. Keep the original name if you want but extend it so that your version doesn’t clash with the original (eg original name: “Wibble” – new name: “Wibble Reloaded”).

    Finally, make sure that the original author is credited somewhere in the readme. And that should be it.

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