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  • I come across things like this in my source:
    <div class="meta">Filed under: <ul class="post-categories">
    Is this sort of orphaned text okay?: “Filed under:” without an enclosing block entity, other than the div? If it’s okay DTD-wise, is it nevertheless a good idea? It’s making CSS a little difficult.

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  • Ohhh….I see what you’re saying… What about changing the <div> to a ?That’s what makes sense semantically, although I don’t know if that helps your CSS stylings. I just always delete the “Filed under: ” and never thought twice of it. 😀

    The problem is that I want to treat the categories and the date-time separately, but they are in the same “meta” division, and there is text in both of these things without a container other than the div. I provisionally decided just to get rid of the categories for now, since I don’t have enough to make them worthwhile, and deal with the issue later when I have more categories and content.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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