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  • Hi,

    I’m working on creating a site where people can register, and then upload files which could be then downloaded by other member, like a store where members can sell their digital products. Can you recommend any good plugins for members to upload their files? Ideally they should appear as Posts so other members can filter on the content. I’ve been really struggling to find a good plugin for this purpose… I understand some html/php but I’m not a developer therefore I would need a plugin to make it work. I’ve tried Anonymus Post pro but it doesn’t really do the job, it creates a post with a link to where the file is uploaded. I would like to at least wrap an image or download button around the link, but it’s not possible.

    Thanks for any advice,

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  • Dion


    If this is a simple setup where people could download the uploaded files without any sort of transaction/payment, you should investigate using discussion board software instead of WordPress. Discussion board software would be easier on the server, easier to set up and maintain, and in most cases more secure. But it will likely not be as “pretty”. Good luck!

    Thank you both!

    @joyously: I’m considering WC Marketplace, but seems a bit overwhelming in setting it up on my already existing theme…

    @diondesigns: thanks for the advice! I wasn’t aware of such “discussion board” plugins for wordpress, but I’ll definitely look into that.

    just wanted to drop a feedback, I decided to go with bbPress forum plugin with an additional attachment add-on…

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