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  • I actually did searches for this, because it’s a pet peeve of mine. Is there already a way to get proper non-breaking double-spaces (like in sentences) in WordPress output, or should I try to write one as my first plugin?

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  • couldn’t you set up double spacing in your css? line height?

    No, because, if I understand correctly, that’s not what he wants. He’s referring to the double-space that’s inserted after every sentence. It’s the “proper” way to type. I guess it makes it easier to tell when another sentence starts or something.

    well, the way html is rendered, multiple white spaces is always rendered as one, unless you enclose it between <pre> and </pre>

    Thank you Satoshi. HTML is rendered with two spaces as one, but the 2 spaces are still there even though it isn’t rendered. I should be able to grok for the 2 spaces in the post data and replace them with a non-breaking space entity (&nbsp;) and a space, effectively hacking in a double-space after my sentences, right? (This is also legal XHTML, as far as I can tell.)

    P.S., I hate double-spaces in my line-height. I’m a 1.5-space kind of guy.

    I’m just wondering if someone hasn’t beaten me to the punch. If not, I guess I’ll be the first. How odd that so few people seem to forget what our collegiate style manuals tell us. :-\ I’ll post again when the plugin’s done.

    I’ve taken all the required english writing classes in my university. None of them mentions two spaces after the period. Neither in my high school nor elementary school. I’ve met one person that says his college professor required two spaces after the period. I said, “That’s odd.”

    By the way, which collegiate manual you speak of?

    APA, MLA, and Chicago. Every one of my English teachers, since I learned to type (’bout 8th grade) have also enforced this. Could be that particular generation of teachers grew up on typewriters that outputted “rivers.” Maybe my pre-internet style guides are obsolete (the copies I have at my desk mention it). I was only an English minor back in college and that was some time ago — I may be a little rusty. I may also be a little old. Regardless, it may be obsolete formatting now, but a little whitespace never killed anyone.

    For anyone interested, I just finished the plugin:

    10s of tens of type designers are rolling in their graves, or deleting FOG or Fontlab from their computers right about now  .

    As far as I understand it the double space was (is) considered good style because of mono-space fonts. The extra space lets your eye easily tell where one sentence ends and anotherbegins. There’s question now whether it’s appropriate since we no longer rarely used fixed width fonts.

    On the other hand, this is exactly the kind of thing the WP plugin system was made for so well done Leam. Welcome to the plugin club!

    Last I heard, Chicago says there is “no reason to use 2” ( ), APA “forbids” it ( ), (APA’s site note here: ); and MLA doesn’t really indicate a preference either way ( ). Just FYI. 🙂

    Thanks, InfoCynic, for the info. I was gonna research it myself; ’cause I was gonna sue my school if they had not follow the standard. 🙂

    Thanks for doing the research for me, InfoCynic. Yeah, it looks like the practice is now obsolete. I did say that it could be, if you recall. 😛 I made the plugin for the same reason some of us still drive old VW bugs. If you read through the links you quoted, you’ll also note that it’s heavily tolerated, as well. As our language evolves, so do our style rules, it would seem.

    I still use double-spaces because it lets me skim sentences more easily when I’m looking through large amounts of text.

    First PHP script, first plugin. Whee!

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