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  • I’m a blogger, not a tech person. I use WordPress to blog, I really don’t have the skills to handle the technical side. When I run across a technical problem that could’ve been dealt with prior to release I get annoyed.

    A lot of the problems I’ve run across appear to be caused by errors (typoes in the parlance) in the files used by WordPress. I understand that some files can get involved, and spotting those errors thus becomes difficult. There is a solution to your difficulty.

    W3C Validators

    It’s free, and it will check out your pages to see if they are valid HTML, XHTML, or CSS among others. Once you have the information you can then correct any errors.

    I strongly recommend the WordPress crew check out the files for WordPress itself. The wp_admin.css file for WP 2.2.2 itself, last I checked, had 10 errors and 73 warnings. Those ten mistakes can be corrected.

    That’s all I’m asking, that you get your files validated. And when errors are indicated, correct them. I also call upon to provide space where corrected files can be hosted for downloading by people using the various versions of WordPress.

    I’ll be downloading WP 2.3 and having the files validated. When I have a file with errors I’ll post the information in the tech forum and ask for assistance in getting the errors corrected. Your task will be to fix those errors in that file, at which point we’ll see if we can get WordPress to host the corrected file for download.

    One very important thing to keep in mind. The W3C HTML/XHTML validator works best when files have a doc declaration. Please include such in all HTML, XHTML, and even PHP file in your release, WordPress upgrade or theme.

    Yes, I got to rambling again, but I hope you’ll help make WordPress a better product.

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  • Since the WordPress code, the Forums, the Codex, and Trac are all maintained by volunteers, we thank you for your contributions and look forward to hearing from you.

    You may also want to join the wp-hackers and wp-testers email lists if you are of the mind.


    Thanks for the encouragement, Michael. However, you made a big mistake in my first post.

    So I went ahead, installed a test blog (2.2.2) on my account, and had index.php validated by URL. It validated. I expect the .php and .html files will validate, it’s the .css files I worry about.

    This, really, is my way of bringing problems to the attention of those capable of addressing them. More comments to come.

    Until you learn that there are no .html files in the package… you shouldn’t worry.

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