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  • I am building an in-house plug-in, and I am adding a lot of data to the db upon plug-in activation. I have a multi-site with around 18 brands.

    Anyways, at this point in time, I am just adding an admin menu with the options of deleting and/or resetting (deleting and/or re-creating defaults) for the plug-in. The only problem is that ether the users are pressing the button by accident (that destroys all the data) or they are not pressing it at all before deactivating the plug-in (leaves a lot of ‘junk ‘in the DB).
    note that i cannot remove the data upon uninstall because it’s a multi-site.

    What I would like to do is ether prompt them upon plug-in deactivation, or even better display checkboxes with several options for them to chose from.

    So how can I hook into that? how can i display my own html-css-javascript concatenation and hook into it? Also how do I make the plug-in pause for their input? And finally how do I cancel the plug-in deactivation if they have changed their minds about deactivating?

    Your help will be much appreciated! 🙂 I am really stuck

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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