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    I discovered why some of my posts suddenly disappeared. I moved from MovableType and 1 user (who owned the MT files) was added to my user list. I deleted this user because I was not able to spot the statement noting that posts made by the user will also be deleted.
    It would be nice if there is prompt window asking the user if he/she is sure about deleting the user and below that, is a note (in red) that contents made by the user will also be deleted.
    It would be nicer if the mechanism employed in the category system of posts be implemented. For example, deleting a category would throw the posts to GENERAL category. In this case, deleting a user would throw the post to some GENERAL user, prolly an admin user.

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  • I had the same problem, I deleted a user, but I lost all the posts. There is some way to get those posts back? Maybe adding this user again?

    In my view, you almost never want to delete a user physically (even if you could). You should then remove everything that user has touched: not only posts, but maybe (community useful) links, and comments, valuable forum posts and/or answers (in case you also install bbPress), and others. Far too bad.
    Instead a tool should be shaped, to flag/hide a user, in case of need. So that all the material is not deleted, while the user is flagged as a sort of “ghost”; this way the user itself is set “inactive” (can’t post), and all his/her personal references are set to a ghost/anonymus user. Such a ghost/hidden state should *also* be settable by the user itself, in his/her profile panel, so that he can decide to “unsubscribe” (and maybe later “resubscribe” and come back, why not).
    A different state, called “banned”, is about the same thing, technically, but only settable by the admin: this way you can “delete” a user and let him/her go away, while preserving the content of your site untouched.

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