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    how to set the plugin so that the promotional price will also change when the main price changes (prices to pay)?

    Without this setting, the main price increases and is greater than the crossed out price (which should be lower)…

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    It does not work like this, actually. The reason why is that in WC you define sale price as a plain value, right? We have just an input where you can define sale price and that’s it. I mean, the script does not know whether it is % off or a certain number off. Without this knowledge you may end up with the situation when you sale price will be ridiculously low in comparison with the price calculated 🙂

    Of course WC “sale price” setting play well when you use UniCPO just to add custom options, without price calculation. Like give a possibility to choose size and colors fro dress etc.

    In case of using price calculation I would suggest using Dynamic Notice option to dynamically output “regular” price below the product price. “Regular” here means that you have an additional formula (in NOV, for instance) that calculates price like it was not any discount. Then output NOV’s value in Dynamic Notice.

    I can ask for more detailed information, how would I do something like that?

    I calculate the price according to the value WIDTH and LENGTH.
    The standard price is the price per 1 m2.

    How do you show a promotional price by using the Dynamic Notice?

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    Hi Paweł,

    Actually, Dynamic Notice option is PRO feature. This forum for discussing FREE version of the plugin. So, I just leave this link here: https://moomoo-agency.gitbooks.io/uni-cpo-4-documentation/content/dynamic-notice.html And if you need an additional support, please, contact us via one of our contact forms and me or my colleague will help you.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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