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    1. Set up is easy and efficient. It has some features that are much better set up that in other plugins. Better logic
    2.The plug-in doesn’t create a bunch of default pages but provides short codes that can be integrated. This allows to minimize the checkout process to a minimum, while other plugin use too many steps. It also gives more control over design, layout of the pages. Other plugins don’t allow to customize the content and design/layout of the default pages.
    3. One of the better UI designs. Not fantastic but better than the vast majority of booking plug-ins out there

    1. Very insufficient support documentation. To understand how to set up and implement all the features I had to use a video published by 3rd party. One I viewed the video set up was a breeze. but you’d expect the vender to provide better support.
    2. Although the systems allows to integrate credit card payment through paypal and has the configuration for Paypal API settings, it never worked. Paypal account to account transfer worked, but credit card not. What is good is point 2 (above) that you have control over the page where you integrate the plugin calendar so we were able to add the code for paypal smart buttons.
    3. ical sync – this did no work and is the main reason we abandonned its use.
    We were able to import calendar from airbnb, but not export. The ical sync link provided bu the system did not work. When used in OTAs it gave an error.
    Additionally, you can only set up sync with one OTA. What is the point of even developing that feature for only one OTA??? Makes no sense

    We asked for refund (still waiting) and received no reply or feedback from vendor.

    This plugin has some features that are way better than the other 3 I have used.
    Unfortunately, the hotel business is such that way more bookings are made through OTAs than direct. As such, a plugin should have that as a priority, otherwise it just misses the point (our and your business goals. As such, doesn’t matter how well 90% of it has been made. It’s useless. Sorry

    Get better ical functionality and resolve the paypal issues and I’ll change back in a heartbeat

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