• UPDATE May 2020: The plugin has been cleaned up considerably and I now have it successfully set up on all my sites.


    This plugin looks clean and was easy to install and set up. However, as long as it is activated, I am unable to move any of the widgets around on my WordPress Dashboard. I am also unable to access the Screen Options panel on the WordPress dashboard. I have confirmed that it is 100% this plugin that is causing the issue, because the moment I deactivate it, all those functions are restored perfectly. The moment I activate it again, those functions break. I don’t see how I can leave the plugin active while this remains an issue.

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    @artsgirl I’ve just responded to your support topic now. Hopefully we can get this problem resolved for you.

    @artsgirl we’ve made several improvements since you last used Site Kit. Feel free to try the latest version and let us know if it has improved for you.

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    I will take a look this week sometime! It turns out my support notification emails were going to spam, so the ticket had been closed by the time I realized you were responding there, but I’m really hopefully this plugin will play nice with others in the long run. 🙂

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    The plugin has come a long way! My only remaining complaint is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to limit access by site (unless I’m just not seeing it). I have all my clients add my same Google account as the Analytics and Search Console manager, and with the Analytify plugin I could set it so XYZ account only had access XYZ’s Analytics – but with Site Kit it seems that all web properties tied to my Google account can be accessed from the WordPress dashboard. For most of my clients I’m the only one with WordPress dashboard access, but I can’t use this plugin yet for clients who have access to this themselves.

    @artsgirl thanks so much for returning for an update and the feedback.

    For access for multiple users, the current recommendation is for each additional user to have their own WordPress administrator role and Google account to use Site Kit. This will ensure that other users will only have access to their connected sites and Google services (Analytics, etc.) for which they have administrative permission.

    We are exploring options to allow non-administrator role access to Site Kit settings and sharing Site Kit data between WordPress accounts. We have to carefully think about this implementation as there are several factors to consider. Feel free to add your use case or feedback in the Github issues linked. It would be helpful for future development. Thanks again @artsgirl !

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