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  • The Guys at AppThemer were awesome at getting this thing up and running! It’s a great plugin! Looking forward to using and showcasing at my NYCFF event!! 🙂

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  • Thanks for the 1 Star! Perhaps instead of rating it 1 star you could contact us directly so we could have told you how to fix this issue you are havning? instead of posting a bad review, its really not helpful if we don’t get the chance to resolve your issue that has already been fixed in the latest version of the plugin which can be downloaded here:

    The is related to the version of PHP you are using i.e. older versions of PHP and has been addressed in the latest version of the plugin.

    Maybe next time contact us before so we can help.

    I had the same problem… updating to the latest version of the plugin fixed it… Cheers!…

    Actually…I DID email you all. Last response I got back was on March 18th

    “I think the issue is because you have your site running on a sub domain, i.e. instead of I will speak to the developers to see if this is something that is an issue with the theme or plugin and get back to you.”

    It is March 30th. I have heard nothing. I kept looking in Themeforrest and for theme and plugin updates and have updated all as of YESTERDAY and still, creating a campaign from the front end doesn’t work. I even created a new install under a non-subdomain (since as of March 18th you thought it might be the subdomain which was the issue) and same thing. You can create from back end but not front end.

    I wasn’t trying to be mean when I rated it 1, but that’s what the rating system is for. I do like the theme, and the plugin has promise but for me, I paid for the theme and the Paypal Plugin and I have not gotten it to work and it’s so far a waste of money.

    We have an unreleased version of the plugin (planning to release sometime this weekend) that should solve your issues. Please try installing this version of the plugin:

    Also, if you can check your error_log file on your server and paste it here:

    Hey Daron, you never got back to us regarding your complaint about the theme and plugin not working you said “I have the latest version of the theme and plugins and it doesn’t work.”

    Did you upgrade to the latest version of the plugin version 0.8.1 and the theme version 1.0.4 we have lots of bug fixes and new features added.

    Please get back to us.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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