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  • I have a site, people will go to and take a test. Ultimately if the student can’t answer the question, I would like for them to take a picture of the question and have that upload somewhere, maybe a cloud, or maybe an email. Ultimately there will be people who can answer the question and send the answer back to the student.

    Any ideas or thoughts on how I could achieve this step? I thought the student could copy/paste the question to a form that would be submitted. Which would be an email someone is watching for.

    Does this make sense, does anyone have any suggestions? Is there an organization that could be a partner for this?

    No Problem, just looking for ideas.

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  • Anita C


    I am trying to understand what you are asking. I am a student. I go to the website and take a test. There’s a question on there that I am not able to answer. You want me to do a screenshot of that question, and then visit a page – upload that image of the question and hit a “send” button which end up in the hands of someone who would contact me about the difficulty I am having with that question. Is that what you mean?

    Yes this is basically it. It is to help the parent who can’t help the child and is in need of getting something answered. We will add this a an additional service to our offering ultimately driving our revenue stream.

    We want to make it simple and as real time as possible. If they are on the actual question and they can’t answer it, they would be able to take a picture and upload this through either an app, or maybe send to an email location that is monitored. It’s a concept at this point.


    Anita C


    How are the questions being delivered at this time? What type of plugin or custom features have you built to ask the questions and receive the answers? Is there a place I can go take a look? Depending on what you are using, you could use something like Gravity Forms to do this.

    Thanks for your follow up. I am actually working with my own client right now. I just took over the project, and it is mostly custom work. I am a developer with Woo. This particular project they have much of the work in place for the testing and question answer activity.

    This discussion is just a part of the phases they are looking to go towards. I am doing my home work to come up with the best solution when I develop it for the.

    I have worked with Gravity Forms before, and I was thinking of just building this with forms in mind. My main objective for reaching out, was to see if there was something happening I had not heard about for this kind of ability.

    Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate. I read your story, good luck to you!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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