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  • Resolved Amber


    I was using CollabPress and found your plugin. I tried to install/activate it via WAMP but it won’t work it gives the following error when trying to create a task:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in \wp-content\plugins\wedevs-project-manager\views\project\single.php on line 33

    I installed this in a live environment and am able to test it without any issues; I don’t usually do this, prefer to test on my local machine before using a plugin on live but yours looked very promising.

    I do notice that all the activity that is done in the Project Manager is showing up in the “Recent Comments” meta box on the dashboard. This isn’t ideal. Is there a way to have that stop displaying there? Maybe even have it’s own “Projects” Meta on the dashboard instead?


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  • Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    I have no idea what wrong happened at your local installation.

    The project activities are basically inserted as a comment for a project, thats why it’s showing there. May be I need to do something to stop them from being visible in widgets.

    Hi Tareq,

    Yeah I’m not sure why it won’t work on a local installation either, it’s a fresh WP local install so it was really odd.

    I would be perfect, as mentioned before, if project activities could be hidden from the default Recent Comments widget and given their own dashboard widget.

    All in all I’m very pleased with the testing I’ve done with this project so far. Essentially your plugin seems to do all of the things that Collabpress does. Thumbs up so far. 🙂

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    I will look after the activities.

    And what do you think of collabpress compared to to project manager? Have you tried basecamp? Whats your thought about these three?

    Hi Tareq,

    I actually have a Basecamp account but don’t use it often. I’m a big fan of self-hosted solutions personally which is why I was excited to find your plugin.

    I liked CollabPress while it was an actively developed plugin. It seems like it’s dead in the water now though.

    In terms of Project Manager vs. CollabPress, I think when you get under the hood, they have pretty similar features just different layouts (PM has that very easy to use Basecamp style).

    The thing I did like about CollabPress right off the bat was the dashboard. I really liked how they had a central dashboard where a user could see meta’s for “Recent Activities”, “Calendar”, “Projects”, “Users”, “Overview” as well as Add a Project right on that one central page. Project Manager does this too in it’s own different style. For me, Project Manager Dashboard feels a bit bare; but I only have 1 or 2 test Projects so as it fills up it might not be so bad.

    I do like that you can attach files to projects in CollabPress. As far as I can tell in Project Manager it only allows you to attach your files to comments in a project. My suggestion here would be to allow “add files” option under the Files tab, where a user can add a file to a project in addition to listing any files added via comments.

    The Calendar View that Collabpress has is also a very handy visual tool. I don’t think I saw anything like this in Project Manager.

    One other thing that I like in CollabPress is that if you select a User (from the Users meta) it loads an activity page based on just that users activities; this makes for quick activity filtering. In Project Manager, no matter what user you click on in a project, it loads the project activities from all users.

    In Project Manager, once you select a project there is a small “Project Info” section in the upper right. I almost always miss looking at it. One thing I have noticed is that other plugins yellow nag notifications overlap it which makes me look over at it. Maybe if you put a yellow nag like box around the items under “Project Info” it would call more attention to the items listed there.

    Once I get into Project Manager (aside from the main dashboard) I like the feel of Project Manager better. I like that you used tabs inside a project vs. the meta box style in CollabPress. I like the layout of content displayed under those tabs as well. Everything seems to flow much smoother and is very straightforward and easy to use.

    From all that I have seen and tested so far, I would recommend Project Manager at this point to others looking for self hosted project management solution.

    If you ever choose to make a Premium version of your plugin or, premium additions to your plugin, I’d be on board with that, as long as it stayed active. 🙂

    Things I would love to see Project Manager do (features in the future):

    – Project Activities/Comments etc. not show up in the main Activities Meta on the WP Dashboard
    – Allow files to be uploaded to a project instead of just to comments etc. inside a project.
    – List only specific user’s project activities, not all project activities, when clicking on a user assigned to a project.
    – Calendar View
    – Allow a secure link that can be sent to the client to give them access (upon login or by password) to specific project files (this isn’t in CollabPress either)

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Thats a really nice comparison with CollabPress and Project Manager. Thanks for this long overview 🙂

    Your suggestions are also good. Points noted.

    Just thought I’d give you a heads up. It appears that the changes you made to preventing PM comments from appearing in the Recent Comments meta is affecting ALL comments. With PM activated 0 comments show up, when de-activated, normal recent comments show up.

    Odd quirk (not sure if it’s a bug or something just went odd) after first upgrading to WP 3.5 today, the recent comment meta box appeared to generate a DB error in the comment meta which disappeared when I de-activated/re-activated the PM plugin. Since then I get the above mentioned issue.

    It also appears that they are still showing up in the recent comments widget as well; just noticed this while looking at the new 2012 theme (even when PM is de-activated).

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    I am not experiencing any issues like that. I am seeing the recent comment widget normally, only excluding the PM comments.

    Can’t surely say what went wrong.

    When PM is deactivated, the comments will show up. Because what was preventing WP to not showing the comments, that won’t work anymore.

    the “Parser Error” in single.php can be corrected by replacing ‘<?’ for ‘<?php’ on line 29 in single.php file

    Hi Tareq,

    Doh! You’re right, the Recent Comments widget on the front end was showing comments because I had the plugin turned off. My bad.

    However, I’m still having the issue that no comments (normal page/post comments) are showing up on the dashboard in the recent comments meta box while PM is active, disabling the plugin allows for the viewing of all regular comments again. Odd that you’re saying that doesn’t occur for you, I can send you screenshots if you’d like?

    Plugin Author Tareq Hasan


    Can you try the github version? Let me know if it works. Then I’ll push the change to WP plugin repo.

    The github version solved the issue. 🙂

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