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    Recently (since which version I cannot recall) when I use the dashboard to update plugins across my sites I notice a problem. If there are many sites to update (not sure the exact number, but let’s say >5 or so) the progress screen stops showing progress after one or two sites get displayed as having updated. The updates seem to be continuing in the background but the status screen isn’t recognizing or displaying that. If I hit the close button the main update page refreshes and I see that the sites have been updated (though for plugins with more than, say 10, sites, sometimes there are still a few sites that didn’t get updated). I hope my description is clear and makes sense. I never had this problem in years of using MainWP until fairly recently (last few months I would guess but my memory is weak on that point).

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    Hi @mojamba,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Can try to increase the PHP Max Execution time, cURL Timeout, PHP Memory Limit, and WP Memory Limit on your MainWP Dashboard site and see if that helps?

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    Here are my settings (all show Pass status):

    PHP Max Execution Time: 14400
    Curl Timeout: 300
    PHP Memory Limit: 256M
    WP Memory Limit: 64M

    For two plugin updates that spanned 6 sites it crapped out at 4 (one) and 5 (other). For a plugin update that spanned 3 sites, no problem. For another that spanned 11 sites, it stopped showing a status past 2 updates but in fact ended up updating 10 sites (when I hit close and the page refreshed it showed only 1 site needing to be updated vs. the original 11). Then for another plugin update that spanned 15 sites it stopped showing the status at 8 updates but when I closed and refreshed the page it in fact updated all 15 sites. Very inconsistent – which I guess maybe could be a function of how big the plugin being updated is?

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    @mojamba, I would try increasing the WP Memory Limit to 256 MB to match your PHP memory limit by adding the following to your MainWP Dashboard site’s wp-config.php and then re-test:

    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '256M');

    I’m running with a PHP Max Execution time of 90, CURL timeout of 60, PHP and WP memory limits at 256 and no issues with ~30 sites, but I usually do a single plugin at a time, and of course there are a lot of other server factors that could be in play…

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    Hi @mojamba, I would agree with @linux4me2, can you please make the update as per the suggestion and see if that helps?

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    Updating the WP memory limit seems to have offered marginal improvement but not much. Still failed most of my multiple site plugin updates. I did one 16-site update individually (but somewhat quickly so 5+ were working simultaneously) and some of those got stuck as well.

    Now, most of my sites are on two different hosts (with one stie on a third host), with more sites on one than the other. Would updating these same settings on the target server help or could there be something else (security setting maybe) that would also explain the issue? I should note that the server is relatively new as I switched hosts (both of my main hosts, actually) a few months ago. I can’t be sure that the timing was exactly coincidental with this issue or not, but probably a good guess.

    I will defer to Bogdan here because I don’t know what might be causing this, but it seems like the issue is with the server where you have MainWP installed, since it appears the updates are occurring on the child sites but your MainWP Dashboard isn’t keeping up via the Progress screen.

    I would make sure you are not exceeding the defaults set for the MainWP -> Advanced Settings, Cross IP Settings, Per IP Settings, and Frontend Request Settings. Take a look at the Documentation for more explanation of each setting.

    I’m wondering if there isn’t some other issue with the server MainWP is on that may be causing the issue. Is there anything showing up in the server or PHP error logs of the server that hosts your MainWP Dashboard when you try to update the child sites? For example, timeouts, exceeding memory, etc.?

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    @mojamba It’s been a few days since you posted, so I’m going to close this thread. If you still have any issues, please feel free to open a ticket and reference this post.

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