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    I recently installed Give, and have loved the platform and user experience so far. However, with the first donation out of Test mode, I have come across an error.

    Give correctly linked to our PayPal account, and the $10 donation shows up on the PayPal side of things. Also, when I look at “transactions,” Give lists the payment as “complete” for the correct Form, and the appropriate confirmation emails from Give were sent to both the donor and to us as the non-profit.

    However, when I go to “Forms,” it says there were 0 Donations and no Income for that form.

    The other (probably related) issue is that the public Progress Bar on the website has not updated to reflect the PayPal donation that was credited.

    So it looks like the payment was processed correctly by PayPal and that Give recognizes this payment under transactions, but has not linked it 100% to our campaign.

    Can you help us resolve this matter? Thanks

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  • Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Hey @lcmstl – We are releasing a new version in the next few links which resolves this discrepancy and provides a tool to recalculate donations if you feel there is an issue. Until then, if you post your email here I can send you a utility plugin we have that will allow you to adjust the amount manually until the new version is released.

    Thanks! Our email is

    Will the plug-in automatically let us know when the update is available, or do I need to keep my eye out for it somewhere?

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Great, I’m emailing you now. Yes, the plugin will let you know when there’s an update so watch out for that!

    Devin, can I get the utility plugin? I’m having the same issue. cboyack at gmail.

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Just sent it @cboyack

    @dlocc I know its an old thread but I having the same issue (just updated the plugin a few days ago). Can I have utility plugin as well?

    Plugin Author Devin Walker


    Hey @ggolczer – you shouldn’t need it. You can now go to WP-Admin > Donations > Reports > Tools and recalculate the donation form’s income. That will update the progress bar. Please let me know if you still have trouble.

    Hi! I am having an issue with the Goal bar correctly reflecting completed donation amounts.

    – As suggested above, I updated the forms income via tools but the Goal bar is still showing 0%
    – I did have to manually mark the transactions as complete, is there a way to automate this?
    – On the paypal portal, the transactions were successful.

    Any thoughts?

    – On a side note, some transactions posted as abandoned but were successful on Paypal. Is there a way to fix this?

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi @pixell

    A couple things to clarify how PayPal works with Give:

    1) If your donor doesn’t come back to the site after their donation, then PayPal has to send the “complete” message to your site via an IPN signal. If your server is down or overly taxed at that moment then Give doesn’t receive that IPN signal from PayPal and doesn’t update the status. This can happen with shared hosting with minimal resources.

    2) The goals are only reflected in the total amount if they are NOT Test Donations (meaning Give is not in Test mode and the donations were made with a live Gateway like PayPal, not the Test Donation Gateway), and if they are marked as Complete. The Tools option is supposed to recalculate the total donations for each form and update the Goal amount for any donations that are marked as Complete. But it cannot control whether the donation is complete or not.

    So your IPN issues with PayPal sound related to the Goal issue as well.

    Bottom line is if you update all the donations in Give correctly then the Goal should be reflected correctly as well. It is all supposed to be automated, but if the IPN gets stuck then there’s not much the Progress bar can do at that point.

    Let me know if you have further questions.

    Hey Matt,
    I’m having the exact same issue. The transaction was automatically marked as complete and we’ve received the money via PayPal, however the progress bar and the income column never increases. I did Tools>Data>Recount-stats for the donation form and still didn’t work. What should I do? Thanks.

    Plugin Author Matt Cromwell


    Hi @xealpha I just saw your ticket here:

    Let’s continue the conversation over there.

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