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    Hello. This plugin is awesome! I tried it on one of my other sites and it worked fine, although when I tried it on another, it keeps on sending the ajax request (firebug console) but the requests are coming back as 0, and none of the pages are showing up in the admin section. Is there something I can check to see if it’s being blocked somehow? or is there anyway I can debug this?


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  • Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Hey thanks for checking out my plugin.

    Are you using the latest version? It fixes a potential conflict with other plugins that could be causing the problems you are seeing.

    You mention that you are using the Ajax scan technique, have you also tried the WP Cron scan technique (set in the advanced section of the options).

    I have the progress bar moving now, and I logged the exceptions, and here is what I am getting on each request

    [0] => Array
    [domain] => usageLimits
    [reason] => keyExpired
    [message] => Bad Request


    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    The keyExpired and usageLimits would be talking about your google API key. I would recommend that you log into and see what is going on. It seems like you need to generate a new API key.

    I tried a lot of keys so far, I even tried using the same key from another site, but nothing. I even tried switching from WP Cron technique, to Ajax, but that wasn’t doing anything either.

    I am supposed to be getting a browser key, correct? not a server key? Also, I understand that using the same key from another site may conflict, but I have the referrers set to any, and I even tried that same key on a different site and it crawled fine.

    I have generated, deleted, created new keys under a different google account, for some odd reason this one domain isn’t able to get the insights..

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Can you confirm that you are able to receive Google Pagespeed Insights reports for your pages when you go directly to and paste in one of your URLs?

    As for the API key, I am using the key found under “Simple API Access”.

    I tested a URL on the pagespeed site itself, and everything worked as it’s supposed to, but on the site, it’s still not capturing or showing the results. The progress bar is moving, and it looks like it’s scanning something, but when the scan is all over, there are no results on the page, like it didn’t even scan anything.

    I thought it may have been the custom post types, but I unchecked all of the custom post types and it’s still not working correctly. Not sure if it’s a server issue, but I’m going to try to duplicate the site and put in on a different server to see if that helps.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Your site is loading normally for me now, and it is also now able to be checked on Google’s own pagespeed site.

    When the plugin has difficulties scanning a URL, the URL gets added to the ‘ignored pages’ section. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you reactivate the ignored pages to include them in your page scans.

    Sorry I confused your issue with another support thread where someone is having a similar issue. The above advice about checking to “ignored pages” section may prove helpful if your pages were ignored on a previous attempt.

    It’s okay..

    I tried switching from WP_Cron to Ajax method, and in firebug I am getting the following error:

    <b>Fatal error</b>: Call to undefined method Google_CacheException::getErrors() in <b>/home/myusrdir/public_html/wp-content/plugins/google-pagespeed-insights/core/core.php</b> on line <b>464</b>

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    Interesting. The getErrors() function is a part of the Google PHP Library in use in this plugin.

    It says that the method is undefined, the only reason I can think of that would cause that, is that another plugin is already including an older version of the Google PHP lib.

    If you have any other plugins activated, can you try removing/deactivating them to see if the issue goes away?

    not working in mine too:

    try every option from support, deactivated every plugin.
    sometime got the msg “google insight finish reporting, refresh to view” but still nothing.

    Plugin Author Matt Keys


    It looks like the website you listed is down. I am not able to load it in my browser. Google Pagespeed will need to be able to load the website from their servers to generate a report.

    hi thanks for the quick reply. working again.
    it runs fine in google

    screenshot here:

    Plugin Author Matt Keys



    If you would like to create an admin account for me on your wordpress install I would be willing to take a look and see if I can find the issue.

    If so, please use the contact form on my website to send me this information:



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