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  • I made a plugin that obtains enrollment for a course. Each student in a course has a blog. The plugin creates a blogroll with links to each of the other students’ blogs.

    I have everything working with the exception of adding it to the sidebar, by default. The user has to be able to change theme’s, so I don’t want to hardcode the plugin in the theme. I prefer to add it via the plugin.

    I could go into all the ways I’ve tried to get this to work, but it basically comes down to this: I need to obtain (or calculate) the widget’s ID number prior to adding it to the options table.

    For instance, before doing this:

    // the widget configuration data
    $new_options = array(
    // the current options in the db table
    $classroll_options = get_option('widget_classroll');
    // add widget config data to options array
    $classroll_options[] = $new_options; // IS THIS RIGHT??? 
    // add the widget config data to the db table
    update_option($widget_classroll, $classroll_options);

    I need to know the classroll widget’s id. Otherwise, as you can see in the above code, I just add it to the end of the $classroll_options array. This doesn’t work properly–yes, it adds to the array, but after testing, it looks like I should be defining the array key to define the element. In other words, WordPress does not use the options array as a numerically indexed array. Instead, it seems to use it as a named index array, those names just happen to be digits. Meaning an array with a single element can have an index of “6” like so: array([6] => options_data).

    So, how do i get the index to which to assign the options data?

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  • Correction, that last line of code is meant to read:
    update_option('widget_classroll', $classroll_options);

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