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  • Hello I am using a child theme of Twenty Eleven,

    I want to use a custom background design comp image. Its PNG format.
    I need to chat with someone who’s experienced with development in
    this theme template with PHP,MySQL,CSS and Layout experience customizing this Twenty Eleven theme. My tasks are more advanced orientated.

    I know of the functions.php and using add_custom_background();
    to enable it in admin end correct? but its difficult when the tags I use through firebug do not end up being the proper tag to integrate my custom background for all content into. The body is the plain white I don’t really need to edit, its the actual div where all header images, main content images and type will be placed.

    Thank you for any help.

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  • esmi


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    Have a look at these two themes:

    Effectively, you have to create a custom callback for both the admin and front end custom backgrounds.

    Well take a look….

    the navigation and other elements are margin 0 auto or centered.
    But the divs for content are all like fluid 100% I think i’d have to recheck it’s been a day or so. But the background needs to be centered but EVEN if I do center it it makes me have to start pixel pushing with positioning CSS then that somehow causes the div Widths to get all crazy and causes scroll bar on the bottom to appear.

    SO basically whats a more easy and method to starting this?

    The callback you are referring to is just a Function already existing from wordpress codex but I need to call upon it by ADDing it into the functions.php correct?

    But when you say “create a custom callback” for front end AND for the admin end…. what are you referring to?




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    Did you have a look at either of those themes?

    I did but I just don’t have time to re choose a theme.
    But question is if its fast enough to where I won’t have to do too many changes. Because I have a few things like the font is using @font-face in css which was challenging to setup then the menu has that blue ribbon artwork I integrated on the proper tag background. Then I need the Logo in including the background main design artwork for all content of this theme.

    What do you think… will using those themes you suggested have quicker ways to implement all of this? and will those theme you suggest require me using the function callbacks still?

    If i still have to use function callbacks in code then what is the point? 🙂



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    I’m not suggesting that you use those themes. Just have a look at how they use custom callbacks for the user-selectable background image in functions.php. You may be be able to re-use some of the code.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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