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  • Hi friends! This is my first post… iam new with wordpress…
    I have two problems,
    1) i created a blog, with a calendar with wordpress 2.0.2, and I want to all the post that i wrote with future events, to be in the front page… i am doing programmed post to future days, when i click in the calendar they are published, but they are not in the front page.. i want to have all the post in the front page order by date.. the first post today post, and the last post, the future post… and in the front page dont have the past post

    2) I want to have the title like this
    Congress of salsa of Miami
    Place: MIami Days: 24,25 of April of 2006 Entrance: 60e

    Put tags like place, days or entrance in metatags..

    Is there any plugin to do this problems that i have, or i have to put some code php in the index.php ? Thank you very much because i am looking for internet, but i cant find anything about this.. I am from Spain, and i dont look anything in spanish forums of wordpress…
    Thank you

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  • Please, don’t double post – it is considered rude, and it will be deleted!
    Patience is highly appreciated in this forum.

    sorry friends.. i am new in this wordpress support, i am crazy with this, i was all the weekend trying this… iam novice in wordpress, but i think you can to help me… thank you very much

    Well, what you want to do is exactly the opposite how WP (any any blogging tool for that matter) works.
    Blogs are meant to display old posts with the latest at the top – and they do not display future posts.
    I think you are using the wrong tool for what you would like to achieve.

    Ok, scuse me Moderator.

    But I don’t know what exact word I need to put in the search to find the post you tell Its allready posted with the same problem as my.

    Can you pleas me put the URL.

    Thanks and scuse me.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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