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  • Hi,
    I posted this under Plugins, but maybe that was the wrong forum… I want to include a WordPress blog as part of a larger members-only website. I would like members to register themselves (setting their security information) for the website. Then, I would like the system to automatically apply that information for new members on the blog.
    Basically, I would like one authentication for the entire site, rather than have one for the site, and a separate one for the blog. Is this currently possible? Or can some authentication API be added made in the future?


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  • I am also wondering how I can add all users of my website to a new WP blog enbloc. Can I export all emails to the blog as users of level zero or one?

    @israel, your situation would require that you hook into WP’s files and add users. Take a look at the file /wp-admin/users.php which adds users to the database. You could replicate this code.

    @norasco, if you just want to move from one blog to another, use phpMyAdmin and dump your database to a file, and then import it on your new host.

    If you only want users, then just export and import the “wp_users” table.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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