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  • Hello,

    I plan to create a ‘photo-of-the-day’ feature. I’ll take a photo each day, upload it to my wordpress blog and then create a special page that pulls these images into a nice-looking timeline.

    I’d like the upload to be simple (as I’m going to be doing it every day!) and was looking to use the WordPress mobile app to do this. It would work, but, each photo/video that I upload using that app creates a new post with the photo attached to the post. I don’t want to create new posts for each image! I’ll end up with 365 posts/year which will bloat my otherwise neat and tidy list of posts.

    So, my question is this: Is there an easy programatic way to upload photos to WordPress and leave them unattached?

    If not, is there a hook that I could hook into that would check the newly created post, find that it has a certain tag and then delete the post but leave the photo unattached?

    If not, then at least is there a way to hide these picture-only posts (which can be tagged for easy reference) from the admin screen by default?

    Many thanks!

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