• I have phoned FreightCenter without success. I have reluctantly held off on a review as I am not one to post negative comments, especially when an app is in its initial stages – but this has become ridiculous.

    The install was without instance; UserID/PW obtained from FreightCenter. The backoffice looks very complete with multiple options for product origination. The app however does not work in either sandbox or live modes.

    After giving access to the developer(s) there has never been a login or any activity on their part. FreightCenter IT was initially expressed interest in finding a resolution – they no longer return phone calls or emails. One must surmise the project is dead.

    Here are the contact numbers for FreightCenter:
    IT (Justin) extension: 1147
    Sales Rep: (Jennifer) extension: 1019

    Should anyone get further than I, have a working installation, or have a woocommerce freight solution that works please post back here. Otherwise wordpress.org should remove this plugin from their database.

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  • I’m sorry for the delay in bringing our WooCommerce plugin up to date with the latest version of WordPress. I understand how frustrating it can be to lose functionality of any plugin, but especially one that handles the complicated freight rating process.

    Although I don’t have a resolution at this time, I am in contact with Justin in IT as well as our developers for a estimated release date. Again, I’m very sorry for the delay. Either myself or Justin will continue to update this thread until we have a new version.

    If you need to reach me, it it best to reach me at the email address below.

    Terese Kerrigan
    Digital Marketing Manager

    [dupe post]

    I am trying to contact Freight Center to find out the status of the Woocommerce integration, current hold time is over 13 minutes, have not received any indication that this company is still in operation. I would definitely recommend this plugin be removed from the WordPress plugin database.

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