• I have been asked to start a C_O blog for Ziff Davis Media as kind of a touch into the blogosphere. I’m trying to get them out of thinking in the typical mainstream manner with this and want to use WordPress to do that. But they’re going to charge a subscription fee. Since this is a free program, is it ok to use it to generate profit or not?

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  • Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    Yes, the GPL, WP’s license, allows that. See the GPL FAQ. Basically, if you make source code changes to WP and distribute WP to others, you must make the WP source including your changes available to those others under the terms of the GPL with no additional restrictions. If you keep it strictly in house, you don’t have to give up the source to your changes but providing them is a nice gesture of goodwill. Either way, you can charge whatever you like for services built on WP. You can contact GNU and the FSF if you have legal questions.

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