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  • Hey team…!

    I’ve been using your plugin for a long time… It really helps me much to keep track… Nice work indeed…

    But, recently I’ve been facing some problems…
    On the recent update, I saw -“Fix ā€“ Orders ā€“ Shipping to profit ā€“ PHP Warning”

    In order to checkout from my store, people need to checkout with additional fees for the payment gateway they use… Suppose, Product price is 100, where cost is 90… For the gateway charge, which is 2%, customers need to pay 102… Here, my net profit is 10…

    Earlier, before this update, all were working perfectly, I was being shown, the profit is 10… But, right now, being added with the processing fee, the profit is shown as 12… This is not the profit in total, let me assure you that…

    Can you help me fix this issue for me…?

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    Hello @zadid ,

    Can you please send me a screenshot of the order? At least of what is possible to show?

    Meanwhile, please try to update to version 2.3.6 and check if it’s ok now

    Thread Starter Wasim Zadid


    Hey there…!

    Yes, I’m running V2.3.6… But, I’m facing the problem, I guess after I updated to this version…

    Here you can check the screenshot –

    Product Cost is 450BDT, selling Price is 460tk.. So, the profit should be 10tk…
    But, as there’s a charge of 10tk for 460tk, the order total becomes 470… Thus, Profit is showing 20tk, which is incorrect…

    As I understood, the calculation should be “Order Subtotal – Product Cost”… But, it calculates “Order Total – Product Cost”…

    Can you please check and instruct me, what should I do…?

    Best Regards,
    Wasim Zadid
    Curious Craft Ltd.

    Plugin Author WP Factory


    Thanks for the info,

    Probably it has something to do with the new Refund options I created.
    Please @zadid, try to set Orders > Refund calculation as Profit and price ignore refunds and let me know if it solves the problem.

    I’m going to fix it

    Thread Starter Wasim Zadid


    As I checked just now, the “Calculate profit by the difference between Net Payment and Cost” option is causing the problem…

    Thanks for your assistance.. I’m now using “Calculate profit based on total refunded”

    Plugin Author WP Factory


    Thanks for letting me know.

    Please update it to version 2.3.7.
    I just fixed it.

    See you šŸ˜‰

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