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  • Hi everyone, I’m Duane! As Matt alluded to in his presentation at WordCamp San Francisco, has been working on putting a profiles section up to feature the members of the community and showcase some of their contributions to WordPress. I’ve been helping with this effort, so if you see any glitches or have any feedback, please reply to this posting here.

    There’s still a bit of work to be done, but the first version is live at

    You can check out your own profile by going to

    You can also navigate there using various header links in

    Some of the features in this first version are:

    1) List of plugins developed by each member
    2) List of themes developed by member
    3) List of global activity, including forum postings, code commits, ideas, etc.

    Some of the features still to come are:

    1) Geographical based searches for members
    2) Deeper integration with the WP consultants list
    3) Cookie sharing between and
    4) Additional focus on community involvement of members

    If you see any glitches or have any suggestions, please leave some feedback here.

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  • whooami



    thanks kperrone, that worked 🙂

    Okay. Now I’m corn-fused. After I log in and am directed to my profile, why do I get this?

    “You must log in to access your account.”

    Holy Christmas. Now, I am really confused, I logged in again, clicked on “settings” in my profile, and got this:

    Which is a wordpress login dialog?????

    ‘Kay. I’m Going out for a cold one. Must just be a fly in the ointment somewhere. Later ‘gators!


    My post prior to this one is caught up in the spam queue for some reason, if someone might kick it loose please. Strange.

    Right now they share different mechanisms for keeping tracking of if you’re logged in or not — this will hopefully be changed shortly such that it’s seamless.




    ClaytonJames, see my questions 🙂

    Still harping on this 😉

    The “View Your Profile” link should just take you to your forum topics (as it use to).

    Maybe the thing should be made a tab along with:

    * Home
    * Showcase
    * Extend
    * About
    * Docs
    * Blog
    * Forums
    * Hosting
    * Download

    +1 on MichaelH’s suggestion
    it’s just a pain now

    I had hoped the new profiles would make things easier.

    Maybe it’s just me, and i’ll direct this question at anyone who uses the forum on a regular basis…

    Do you find it easier or harder to track your replies to threads under the new profile?

    Can anyone also tell me if it’s possible to set the new page to show on “ replies” by default?

    Well done to the chaps that did the change over smoothly (i was browsing when it happened).

    My 2 cents:
    NOTE: This is based primarily on my usages of my own the profile page.

    Design – looks better (not the greatest, but nicer for sure)
    Simple – simple to use (can find things perfectly fine).
    (sorry tried to find more points to put here, but i honestly couldn’t think of anything else i liked other then how it looks, sorry guys).

    Still not any easier to find threads.
    Now have to click a link “ replies” everytime i want to view threads where there have been replies (one click extra every page view does add up though), this was standard behaviour of the main profile page before.
    Avatar/Gravatar size, is it really necessary for this little picture to be stretched to 150 x 150? … this picture doesn’t actually tell anyone anything about the person, so why take up so much screen space?
    Heading for thread listing dates, is the date important enough to be given heading tags? (waste of screenspace imo – smaller and placed to the right would be better imo).
    About me text (more of the thread tracking space taken up).
    Login (had to login again – minor).
    Smilies in “Interests” section text shows enlarged (150x150px) versions of smiley images (removed the one i had there).


    Overall i don’t mind the new page (and i’ll learn to live with it), but the biggest disappointment for me was that the thread tracking has not really got much smarter in terms of keeping track of threads where i’ve been active. It works ok, but it’s not much better (sorry if i offend anyone that’s been working on it) then the old one in my personal opinion.

    However i’m not interested in a “Track this thread” feature, else i’ve got to manage an additional list of threads “track”/”not track” … i’d rather the thread listing be intuitive enough to monitor which threads that i’ve been active in and have the most recent replies (like other forums do, phpbb, vbulletin to name a few).

    Divide the “About this user” type of information under one tab, and all the “Thread activity” information under another on the profile page. Have the thread tracking display by default for the logged in user, but the user information as default when any other user views that page (so if it’s not your own profile page).

    Hope i’ve not offended anyone, and i’d like to hear others thoughts on tracking threads under the new profile’s page.





    I just noticed some things that are missing and REALLY need to be on that page:

    the registration date, and the rest of the “number” stats. I dont know about anyone else, but I think those numbers, especially when they start getting high add “street cred” ..

    Consider when you offer to help someone on the forum, and they dont know who you are.. sure you can send them to your own site, but your involvement here, in the community, is where the real test is. The difference between someone with 5 days on the forum and 5 years is immense.

    Can we PLEASE have those stats back??

    And also, I have to say, I dislike the way the activity is shown. I cant scroll through it now. If you answer a lot of threads each day, that current set up is a real drag.

    I have made up my mind that it is only temporary. None the less, I can’t help but be reminded of that meat-grinding, whiplash inducing, bumpity-jerk, tire screeching, gear-clashing, raise your arms and scream on the roller coaster, runaway train feeling I got while trying to teach my sister how to drive a big-block stick shift on a public highway!

    I have never had so much fun while being so totally in fear of completely loosing my mind!

    Okay… I know… I’m sick. Bad analogy, but loads of fun just the same.


    Hm, didn’t see this coming, but I don’t really like it either.
    First, I don’t only want to know to which threads I replied, but if somebody made another reply, so I have to look at that thread again.
    150×150 Gravatar, duh
    I noticed that I can now change my profile name. I switched to “Roy”, which worked (if that username would have been free two years ago, it would have been mine, so does this change name function check for doubles?), my profile was cleared, I still had to log in with “Gangleri”, but the profile name said “Roy”. I changed back to “Gangleri” and things started to work normally again.

    Well that’s most of what I do with this account, so the “user replied” and “last reply” function back would be great.

    Yeah, please change back to the old representation. I am really not gonna click all my messages to see if there was any follow up. I need to see if there was a reply after mine!!!!!
    This is now a typical example of “Don’t fix it, if it aint broken”.

    And why do some usernames link to the specified website and others to the profile, just as “member”?

    Add one more to those being driven nuts by the lack of new replies notification. Some people are slow to reply and it’s annoying as can be when you’re trying to fix several problems but can’t tell who’s replied or not!

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