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    when I change CONTROL options on PROFILES nothing changes.
    any idea?
    it worked before but suddenly stopped

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  • if you want I can give you the link on your email. it is a private site and I dont share it on wordpress, because it is only for me

    Plugin Author David Artiss



    No, I don’t want access to your site – nobody should require this to provide you with support and it only creates a security risk for yourself.

    So, tell me a little more about the issue. When you say “nothing happens”, do you mean the settings screen doesn’t update with your changes or do you mean that the video output doesn’t change as per the setting? Can you confirm what you’re changing it to?

    Lastly, if you have a link to a page with a video on that isn’t working properly, please share it as this will be helpful.

    the screen settings do not change. it used to work before but suddenly it stopped by it self.

    i just want a blank screenshot for each playlist with white play button. that’s all. i use samsung tablet with android and i don’t like the YouTube red button.

    on desktop devices i think it shows white button but on mobiles it is red.

    i didn’t want to share the link but since you dont support through email, here it is


    also if you want me to donate, let me know how i can do that. i don’t want free support

    Plugin Author David Artiss


    I love how you’ve used it on your site.

    the screen settings do not change. it used to work before but suddenly it stopped by it self.

    You say it was the controls setting – is that right? What did you change it from and to? When you save the settings does the setting on the screen change or is it only not changing in the way that the video then displays?

    if you want me to donate, let me know how i can do that. i don’t want free support

    Free support is all I offer. If you want to donate, to thank me for the work I’ve done you can do here – But it doesn’t get you any different support 🙂


    thanks for replaying!!

    – from profiles (CONTROLS label) there are three cases.
    before i clicked to one of three options (i do not remember which one it was, I guess the third one), and than i had for each playlist blank screen, just the name of the artist+songname and white play button (which is the way how i like my playlist to display when the site loads for the first time).

    before 1 month it changed it self, was not like this anymore but just like you see it know, with artwork (i am always talking when the site loads for the first time)

    i hope you understand what i mean

    – i tried to donate, because of your work (not expecting anything extra on support) but unfortunately i only can donate with creditcard. i have no PayPal

    to make it more simple.

    i just want to disable the artwork for each playlist ONLY WHEN THE SITE LOADS FOR THE FIRST TIME

    Plugin Author David Artiss


    Sorry, I’m really struggling with understand the issue here – your English is not great and I’m honestly not sure what the problem is that you’re reporting.

    Can you take me, step by step, through recreating it myself?

    if you could speak my language as much as I speak english than I will call a real superman.

    i shape 5 languages like English and i supported half million clients with joomla but the problem is that you think a bit to much, like Einstein didn’t know for a moment which was his left and right shoe.

    let me explain you again.

    i do not use apple MAC 24 inch but a simple samsung tablet with android.
    i build my wordpress template from strach just using a smartphone (typing with my middle finger), otherwise I will not ask your help

    all I have is an mobile device and on this device the youtube play button is read for each playlist. I want it to be white color

    you have an stylesheet field on admin configuration

    is it possible to add some css there and make this button white and how?

    forget about screenshots or artwork because it will take decades before you get it

    Plugin Author David Artiss


    I’m sorry that you have felt insulted by my inability to understand your questions.

    However, your reply here is rude and totally un-necessary – I have been patient and have tried to work with you to get to the bottom of this. I work on this plugin, and provide support, in my own time and free of charge (and there are no premium add-ons for me to up-sell) – what I do not need to do is accept this as a response. As a result, I shall no longer provide you with assistance.

    no problem mate.

    i teach you a bit how to read english in chines way

    this is DIDI’S id

    i will figure it out my self…

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