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  • After installing and logging in as admin, i click on ‘My Profile’ and am greeted with the error

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare veriflog() (previously declared in ./auth.php:7) in ..//wp-admin/auth.php on line 6

    I found four previous posts from users with the same problem, but their posts weren’t answered. I was hoping that someone could answer this who perhaps didn’t see the previous posts? Any help is much appreciated, thanks.

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  • Is your blog working at all? That error sounds bad.
    Make sure to back up your data.

    Try creating a new user. Then go into “my profile” as the new user.

    I tried creating a new user, logging in as them, and going to profile, and I keep getting the same error message

    I’m about to abandon all hope that wordpress will work, is there no one with a little knowledge who could help out?

    I would reinstall WordPress from scratch.

    I have tried reinstalling from scratch, by deleting the entire wp directory and also clearing all of the database tables. The problem persists after i comment out the line in auth.php that says
    I gave up on this a while ago but came back to it because i really want to have wordpress as my CMS. I reinstalled again today, with WP 1.2.1 and the same thing happened, got the same exact error message. Its been half a year and this problem has still not been solved. I am wondering, If a developer of wordpress maybe knows why this might occur?If anyone finds out anything about this please let me know. thanks in advance, – John

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    The problem is the double // and from previous posts here, Matt has said this indicates a problem with the installation of php itself.
    The host has misconfigured something somewhere.

    Thanks for the reply,
    I don’t have much controll over the configuration of php on the server that I’m on. Is there something I can do by simply modifying the auth.php file or something similar? Or is there something that i should ask my host to reconfigure in the php that is installed?

    I had the same problem. And tried the new nightly build instead of the the current “mingus” one and viola (if that is how you spell “wah-lah”) there are no problems with viewing your own profile.



    You can solve this problem by editing a couple of file.
    First, in profile.php find the section near the top that looks like this:
    switch($action) {
    and make it look like this:
    require_once(ABSPATH . ‘wp-admin/auth.php’);
    switch($action) {
    Then, in admin-headers.php find the section near the top that looks like this:
    and make it look like this:
    And presto, profile will work for you.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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