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  • Hi

    is it possible to refine the search for buddypress?
    I would like to have on the widget sidebar more options to choose after I got some search results.

    E.g. when Iā€™m searching for someone in a special city and get the results it would be great to refine it without doing a new search and putting in the same information again plus the new refining.

    As an example would be on the right side of
    I think it works with the plugin buddypress-user-account-type-pro.

    Is that possible maybe with bp-profile-search? If not maybe with another plugin?

    Besides that it would be great if the search could exist twice. On for one user group (e.g. teacher) and one for another user group (e.g. students). Would this be possible too? Maybe if the search is integrated in different Pages?

    Thanks a lot

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  • Plugin Author Andrea Tarantini



    What you see in the sample site is a standard BP Profile Search feature. The search form saves the field values previously entered so you can add values in other form fields. And no, sorry, only one search form is supported.

    Hi Andrea.

    Is there any chance BP Profile Search might eventually support multiple form fields?

    As Kansas3d mentioned, I’m using BP User Account Type Pro and while BP Profile Search supports it, it doesn’t respond dynamically with field types, so since I have four account forms through BPUAT Pro, ALL the custom fields are represented in the BP Profile Search form. It’s not a huge problem (and it’s certainly not YOUR problem), but tweaking BP Profile Search to make it fully compatible would be cleaner looking for your users who also have BPUAT PRO active on their sites. Just a hopeful suggestion.

    Thanks for the GREAT plugin!

    Plugin Author Andrea Tarantini


    That’s a good suggestion, and a nice idea for a future release. Thank you!

    Thanks Andrea and Aldereteka for the information and help!

    I really appreciate it a lot!

    @andrea thanks the plugin is great!

    @aldereteka do I understand it right that BPUAT PRO does provide several forms? Can it be on the same page or just on different pages? And does it have to be the PRO version or does BPUAT Lite provide that too?

    Thanks you both

    @kansas, sorry for the late response. BPUAT PRO has a dynamic function that changes the form based on what the user inputs. The lite version wasn’t very useful for me. Either way, BP Profile Search recognizes the the new fields from BPUAT PRO but not in very comprehensive way as they were developed by two different people. Still pretty cool though.

    @andrea, I contacted Rimon at BPUAT PRO and he already had the idea to function better with your plugin. Said he’d contact you soon.

    Great thanks aldereteka for the information šŸ™‚
    I appreciate it

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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