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  • can anyone tell me, how to link my profile name with my website?
    i’ve noticed in some of the members here that just by clicking their profile name we can go to his/her website.
    i’ve added my website link in my profile, but still my name is not linking with my website.

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  • sure it is
    http: //

    Samboll, we (mods) always see the links in their profile as clickable here on the front-end, but for other users it becomes clickable only after a while… showing good behaviour 🙂


    Thanks for ur quick reply…
    but apparently u guys didnt answer my question.
    For eg: samboll’s and moshu’s profile names are linked with their websites, but my name “sanjaymenon” is just appearing as a text and not as a link. Why is that so?




    …showing good behaviour

    because they have been here longer than a week, and have posted more than just their own threads advertising their own site, unlike what you did last week with the constant re-repamming (if thats even possible) of your site here.

    You get ‘the link’ when you get it. No-one here knows exactly when, it just happens. Posting crap doesn’t help though, that much is true.

    moshu said that you have to exhibit good behavior 1st – no spamming, flaming, etc. – before it shows up

    hey..hey…just gimme a break….lolz..
    guys that was just a mistake…..
    iam not trying to spam ur forum or anything….k…
    i’ve been using wordpress for building my website for so long…and it is last week that i came to know about this forum.So posting more than 1 posts was just accidental, i really wanted to delete the first one, but LOL…thanks to the moderators here….they did without me telling them…
    So guys can we be friends…..and help out those who post their doubts here???




    they did without me telling them to ..

    No, they did it because I flagged ALL the posts, and not to kill a dead horse, but you were told the second time, and they you did it again, and gave me grief when I called you on it.

    In other words, I dont believe you.

    You can be ‘friends’ with someone else, Im not interested.

    If youre still here in a year, I’ll reconsider.

    Have a good day.

    WHEW!!!…what a rude behaviour??..
    by the way…whats ur age whooami??




    Im 43.

    You can tell by the fact that I try to write in complete sentences, and dont use the word ‘lol’ in each one.


    rude is what you did last week.
    rude is how you responded when you were asked to stop doing it.

    I havent been rude in this thread. Yet.

    43???…uncle iam just 18…..
    so please forgive me (LOL) ….for what i’ve done…k….SHEESH!!!

    Let’s move over.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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