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    When importing users into WordPress MultiSite with only the ‘role’ field in the CSV (ie, I’m not explicitly importing wp_X_capabilities into wp_usermeta), users who are only Subscribers get the message, “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page” (or some such) when attempting to access their profiles from the pull-down menu at top right of the admin bar (under Howdy, X).

    The reason is that the link generated is of the form:


    which apparently subscribers don’t have access to. The correct link should be:


    The reason for this appears to be that WP is generating a row in wp_usermeta where meta_key=’wp_X_capabilities’ and meta_value is an empty PHP array. WP then thinks they have some degree of role in that site and attempts to give them the admin interface rather than the user interface.

    This could be a bug in WP, this plugin, or merely a reflection of the fact that this plugin wasn’t really intended to be used in WPMS.

    The solution appears to be to simply delete rows in wp_usermeta that contain empty capabilities for the site in question. Alternatively, setting the capabilities field to subscriber might work, but I haven’t tried this. When this is done, the network users view will no longer indicate an association with the particular blog (which is fine, because the site admin couldn’t see these subscribers anyway), but at least the profile link will now work.

    This may or may not apply to stand-alone WP. I haven’t tried it in that context.

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