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  • Hello again,

    I´m still a very big fan of your plugin and there´s only one thing standing between yours and an entire Buddypress installation which I would really like to avoid.

    Is it possible to have the “Profile” link generate the profile edit fields through the page.php (twenty twelve theme) so that it is all in the front end?

    Then a checkbox to hide the Adminbar and with that all Dashboard access for subscribers.

    What more could one ask for? Nothing, that would be PERFECT.

    Do you think you could do that?

    Best regards, Steve

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  • Actually, let me rephrase that.

    If the plugin had the following features added:

    Password can be chosen upon registration
    (Email sending auto generated password would have to be deactivated.)
    Email address must be verified before the account can be used
    (If the account is not verified within a week, user will be deleted.)
    Profile Editing on front end only. Dashboard and Adminbar invisible.
    (At least for subscribers.)
    Possibility to show/hide all profile fields/options on front end
    (Such as the visual editor and all those fields no one really needs.)

    All that in this one Plugin would make it the ONLY plugin bloggers would need to just hit “allow subscribers” in the settings, add the widget and not be bothered with adding BP or any other usability plugin whatsoever.

    Would it be possible to make all this happen? It would save people a lot of time really.

    I know this sounds cheeky but thinking about it now, don´t you see the DL rate increasing already… ? 😉

    I´d even pay for it. (Of course only speaking for myself in this case.)

    Email verifcation is crutial for all European sites, due to the new privacy law.
    Also if the email is not being verified the data must auto delete because if someone has not entered their own email then it is not allowed to store it without permission of the owner.

    These features are barely ever met in any plugins as site owners are just starting to adapt to the new regulations and the american market is a little bit behind those user privacy laws. (Lucky thems!)

    Oh and the plugin doesn´t check if the entered email address is actually an email address, that should be fixed, no?

    Sorry for posting so much but you might find feedback helpful, right?

    Plugin Author wmsedgar



    Thanks for the awesome feedback and recommendations! Definitely a lot to think about and tackle. Not sure all of that is possible, but who knows it may be. Feel free to continue posting any feedback or suggestions you have, it is always great to get this type of insight from different perspectives.

    You´re welcome and thank you for taking it into consideration!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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