• I found this plugin with a Goolge search and I’m glad I did. It styled the pages perfectly and made it so easy to list out my inventory. Honestly, my pages would have had minimal content had it not been for all the fields provided with the plugin. Really gave us the opportunity to add so much more information and provide it to the customer in a way that they could easily scan the page and get all the information they need very quickly.

    I was also able to add shortcodes to the page for commerce, so now we have these great looking pages that our customers can shop from. Way better experience than doing out of the box with the e-commerce tools and a lot less hand coding was necessary.

    Very easy to figure out on your own. I had two other people using the plug in with no issues and neither has WordPress experience.

    I highly recommend this plugin for anyone wanting to get their online cannabis business up and running quickly.

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