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    I just updated to woocommerce 2.02 and WordPress 3.5.1. I am using a theme from elegantthemes called style shop.

    Yesterday before the update. My products were working fine. Now, only on the homepage, they all say “Free” instead of their actual price. (
    When you click on the product or any of the categories, the actual price shows up.

    Anyone know how I can fix the “free” ones on the home page? Or go back to an earlier version of woocommerce? Please help! Thanks!

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  • Roy Ho


    Switch to 2012 theme and see…

    Hmm that didn’t work.

    The ‘all products page’ and any subcategories works the same on both 2012 theme and my current theme, showing the actual price. Only on the home screen does it say “Free”. I think it has to do with this chunk of code from home.php, but I could be way off? I am by no means an expert at php.

    <?php $product_ids_on_sale = et_woocommerce_get_product_on_sale_ids(); ?>
    <?php if ( ! in_array( get_the_ID(), array_map( ‘intval’, $product_ids_on_sale ) ) ) { ?>
    <?php if ( ” != $_product->get_price_html() ) : ?>
    <span class=”et-main-price”><?php echo $_product->get_price_html(); ?></span>
    <?php endif; ?>
    <?php } else { ?>
    <span class=”et-price-button”>
    <span class=”et-price-before”><del><?php echo woocommerce_price( $_product->regular_price ); ?></del></span>
    <span class=”et-price-sale”><?php echo woocommerce_price( $_product->get_price() ); ?></span>
    <?php } ?>

    When I put a product that is on the front page on sale (original $12 | sale price $10) it says $0 | $0, but the prices are all there in my admin panel….

    Roy Ho


    Not too sure what you mean by it didn’t work…2012 theme doesn’t even have home.php file

    Ah okay, this is a specific theme issue then. Sorry I’m pretty new to wordpress and just working my way through.

    I just found out from the theme developer that the styleshop theme hadn’t been updated to accomodate the most recent upgrade of woocommerce yet. There’s a link to an older version of woocommerce for now. Thanks for your help.


    I just started using the Style Shop theme. Did you ever figure out how to get it to work with the updated woocommerce plugin or do you still use the downgraded version?


    Hi there,

    I ended up starting over with the most up to date style shop theme and the newest update of wordpress and it worked out. I had to re-upload all my products to the new system but in the end it was for the better.

    Best of luck.

    Thanks for letting me know. I will work on the update.

    It’ll take some time but it will be worth it.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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