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  • In my site’s store ( all of the products overlap. I have inspected it and it seems to be an issue with the “position”. In the inspector, whenever I change the position from “absolute” to “relative”, they all line up well, but it says the element in “inline” and doesn’t give a specific location, so I can’t actually go in the code to find it.

    Jigoshop’s default seems to be “relative” but something is overriding it and frontend.css is one giant block of code that I am having trouble figuring out.

    I am not a professional programmer but I have learned enough that I am usually able to figure these things out on my own and this has me stumped.

    Thank you anyone taking the time to read this and help out.

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  • Remove height:0px; from ul.products

    On each li.product generated, remove position:absolute;

    It should then look like this.

    I was able to get to a layout like what you posted while in the inspector, but when I try to find the location of each li.product or the ul.products I have trouble finding them.

    Because I cannot find them, I have tried adding either height:100% and position:relative to both Jigoshop’s frontend.css and my site’s style.css but there is absolutely no effect.

    Again, I’m not very experienced with this stuff, just enough to get by, so if I am missing something simple, I apologize.

    Edited this just to say that occasionally, when the page takes a little time to load, you can sometimes see it in the correct layout for a split second. I don’t know if that changes anything but I figured adding as much info as possible couldn’t hurt

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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